Molecular Diagnosis for Infectious Diseases eBook

Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
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The prevention of antimicrobial resistance and the spread of diseases during pandemics rely heavily on efficient diagnoses.

The remarkable developments of molecular technologies have allowed for faster, more accurate and more efficient diagnostic methods. Whereas traditional methods are based on the culture of pathogens, molecular methods are based on the identification of the genomic material unique to each pathogen. Current molecular diagnostic methods include techniques such as qPCR, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), genotyping and microarrays. The majority of the workflows developed for these techniques can be automated to improve variables such as standardization, sample traceability and throughput.

Chapters included in this eBook:

infectious diseases
Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: Exploring the Role of Modern Molecular Diagnostic Methods
why do we need automation-2
Molecular Diagnostic Methods: Why Do We Need Automation?
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